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300 Icon Awards
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300 Honors was created to honor icon makers of the best 300 icons on LiveJournal. You are welcome to nominate your own icons along with those made by others.

(Adapted from the fabulous lotr_awards)

For Nominating
1. Please put ALL nominations in one post. Feel free to edit your post later on to add more nominations. Also, try to keep them in the order that they're listed in the userinfo. This isn't absolutely necessary, it just makes it easier for me when it comes time to create the poll.
2. For now, you can nominate up to five icons in each category. This may change as we get more members.
3. All icons nominated must fit the LiveJournal size requirements.
4. All icons MUST be from the movie 300.
5. For every icon of your own that you nominate, you must nominate two icons of someone else's.
6. Please inform the creator of the icon that they've been nominated. It's not necessary, but I'm sure they'd like to know so they can see whether or not they win.
7. Please don't post nominations behind an lj-cut.
8. All nominations must be in before the voting is posted on Saturday.
9. The only categories that icons of actors out of costume can be nominated in are Cast & Crew and Best Overall.
10. If an icon has been nominated before but did not win, it can be nominated again. But, if an icon has won before, it cannot be nominated again in that category. All past winners can be found at the winners archive and in the community's memories.

For Voting
1. Voting is done in poll form. You can only vote ONCE, this includes if you have more than one journal.
2. Vote in ALL categories.
3. Voting for your own icon is prohibited. Pick someone else's that you like.
4. Try not to be biased. Pick the icon that you think is the best and deserves to win. Don't just vote for one that your friend made, or includes your favorite character.
5. The voting polls are friends only, so you MUST be a member of the community to vote.


Nominations; Monday after Winners post - the following Saturday.
Voting; Saturday - Monday
Winners Announced; Monday


1. Best Overall Icon.
For the icon that you think is the very best. It can fall into any category.
2. Text
For icons that have something to say.
3. Animated
For animated icons.
4. Funny.
For all funny icons.
5. Emotional.
For those icons full of angst.
6. 'Shipper.
For icons of a certain 'ship. What's a ship? A relationship. A pairing. It can be canon or otherwise.
7. Cast & Crew.
For icons of an actor or actress from the movie out of costume.
8. Wordless.
For icons with no words on them. Icons with tiny, unreadable text count as wordless, since the "text" is only there for decoration.
9. Best Use of Color.
For icons with the best coloring.
10. Best Cropping.
For icons with the best cropping.
11. Black and White/Black and White with a Touch of Color.
For the best icon that is either black and white or black and white with only a splash of color.
12. Special Category
This week, nominate an icon of this picture, or create one of your own.


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